Facts About Cotton Cotton Production



To all of you who are curious here are some interesting – maybe even motivating – facts about cotton.
As we buy our cotton from Indian farmers here are some short facts about the country: Area under cotton cultivation in India (7.6 million ha) is the highest in the world and employs seven million people for their living1.

Cotton accounts for 70 per cent of total fibre consumption in the textile sector, and 38 per cent of the country’s export, fetching over 420 billion Rs. (8.5 billion US$).

Conventional cotton farmer

Many seeds are GMO and are usually treated with fertilizers. Pesticides are also used extensively. Dyestuff can contain heavy metals and sulphur.

Organic cotton farmer

Seeds are not GMO and are untreated. For 100% organic products, only chemicals that meet organic fiber processing standards are used. These are the ones that are the least harmful to people and environment.
1. http://www.cicr.org.in/research_notes/organic_cotton_cultivation.pdf